Monday, 6 December 2010

No.6. Back to school Monday


After a 3 day weekend, Ted returned to school this morning.

So for something special, we walked from Fletcher Christian apartments where Mum and Dad are staying, picking Jacob up on the way from where he is staying at Devon house.

After depositing Teddy in his year 1 classroom, we walked home passing Sweeties, the most popular lolly & chocolate shop on the island.

Sienna began hinting at how hot she was after that BIG walk to school until Granny and Poppa asked if an ice cream would cool her down. ☺

So everyone (except me as it was only 9am and I wasn't on holidays, so couldn't justify ice cream eating at that time of the morning) had a sweeties cone.

My nephew Jake enjoyed his double (he most definitely IS on holidays)

Baby Jasper who is now 10 months old has only ever tried a small taste of a soft serve once and didn't really like it, he looked like he wasn't going to even try a taste of any one's ice cream. After a little perseverance from big sister Sienna and Granny, He Likes it!

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