Tuesday, 18 September 2012

40 things about me

40 things about me
  1. when I grow up, I never want to grow up.
  3. A song I would write about my life? Sunshine and lollipops by Lesley Gore.
  5. Favourite Cd's would be Marvin the Album by Frente followed by Aquarium by Aqua...what can I say, I like quirky.
  7. Most romantic song ever 'With you' from the musical Pippin. Also Longer (John Bowles sang the version we played at our wedding 17 years ago).
  9. I worked at Maccas, I think I started at the base wage which was $3.04 an hour. I still have my blue nylon 80's uniform and name tag too.
  11. I did a manufacturing jewellery apprenticeship when I left school.
  13. My favourite scents are Coconut, Vanilla, fresh Lemon blossom,  and honey.
  15. I love the flower sweet alyssum growing in every nook and cranny for its sweet scent of rich honey.
  17. Something I can watch over and over Anne of Green Gables and any Jane Austin, especially Pride and prejudice. (Ironically, these books are often found on my bedside table also).
  19. What I listen to on my ipod. Glee.
  20. Favourite show on TV GLEE followed closely by better homes and gardens (I used to LOVE watching Burke's Backyard, even as a teenager) I don't watch very much TV but like watching my kids as they watch funny shows, horrible histories is one of their favourites.
  21. I dislike scary or violent movies, dislike messy toothpaste anywhere & people smacking chewing gum in my face.
  22. I have been a vegetarian for about 15 years (why?) I am a sensitive soul, I love animals and also witnessed an unfortunate roasted rabbit coming out of the oven at a friends house when I was about 10, lets just say I never wanted to eat animals again.
  23. My favourite family holiday destinations were 7 mile beach at Gerroa/Gerringong plus Hawaii and also Norfolk Island.
  24. My first acting experience was in a few drama class plays then 'The Loudest Whisper' at Cronulla arts theatre at age 13.
  25. I LOVE performing in Musicals. My first musical was Godspell with Miranda musical society at age 16. My favourite is Pippin which I have done 3 times. I met my husband Brandt while performing in Anything goes in 1991 and we were engaged a month later.
  26. I love watching Musicals. As a child my favourites were always the Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire MGM musicals. I also liked Audrey Hepburn movies. Singing in the rain, Calamity Jane and 7 Brides for 7 brothers still remain my favourites.
  27. I am happy with my clutter, I know it is out of control. I am always writing creative  lists and hate throwing out all my little bits of paper. I still have letters filed away in storage that were passed to me in class dating back from 1986 (they are in a very organised alphabetised folder that is bulging) Chances are if you ever wrote me letters, I have kept them.
  28. I avoid housework, its the only way I fit everything else in my busy life in :)
  29. I love being an Auntie 12 times over but wished I lived closer.
  30. I would do anything for a friend in need.
  31. I love taking off on a plane, but never sleep the night before I do.
  32. Actually I don't sleep much anyway...too much to do, life is too short. hehehe so am I.
  33. I am 5ft tall.
  34. I am the youngest of 5 kids. I have an awesome family and love them all.
  35. The numbers of my birthday day, month and year all add up to 9.
  36. Bubbles is my poison of choice, I don't like wine, but enjoy an occasional port. Also a Baileys Milo is a much preferred choice on a cold night.
  37. I had 2 childhood imaginary friends, one was called Rogger, he was a lumberjack and resembled Glenn Shorrock. The other when I was in kindergarten was called Angela Bumface, she was rude and was allowed to be naughty and swear. She was based on a naughty girl in year 6 called Angela.
  38. My favourite colour is RAINBOWS!
  39. what would I take to a desert island? my family and my camera (and Dora the explorer, she can solve any problem and get home from anywhere in the world with her amazing backpack).
  40. I love freshly made ice cream, especially coconut or liquorice. But have had a brand new ice cream maker in the cupboard for 6 months without attempting it myself.
  41. If I could change anything about my life it would definitely be living closer to my family and friends, that is all. Anything else that can be changed, I do.
  42. And I would get a dog right now if the right one came along.
  43. I sign my paintings as Cristina Rose as I was engaged when I began painting at age 19 so was in between last names. They are my first 2 given names
  44. I love my name now, though as a kid I preferred Tina to avoid being called Chris or Christine. I changed my name constantly in year 1 to be simply Kim, then I got exotic and called my self Cristy plip plop, fruity brown Abba, leaf, Pineapple, fire engine etc and my family have NEVER let me forget it.  * note don't automatically put an 'H' in my name, you lose brownie points and I may revert back to one of my colourful names. My family just called me Zany Lyle. 
  45. My last born son was born at the same hospital that both Brandt and I were born in except that it has been rebuilt now.
  46. I am addicted to taking photos, I don't want to miss a moment of this great life!
  47. I have always felt like I am the luckiest person alive!
  48. What in life matters to me the most? Family.
  49. One word that describes me.........BUBBLY.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

turning 7

How old are you? 6, nearly turning 7
What happens when you turn 7? I get a cake.
What will be different about you? I will be older and taller, even taller than Dad.
Is there anything you will be able to do better when you are 7? I will be able to write better and do my work better.
What can 7 year olds do? Ride a big bike with a bike stand and maybe get to school earlier.
What do you want to be when you grow up? A vet and an artist. When I am a teenager I want to be a babysitter.
What hobbies do you have? Singing and dressing up with makeup, pretending to be a vet, playing football, painting and craft.
What games do you like to play? Mini golf and ponopoly (monopoly)
What is on your birthday wishlist? A mother cat with 10 kittens, Lego friends, Olivias house and Mia and the vet.
Where is your favourite place on Norfolk Island? Mini golf.
What is your favourite breakfast? Weetbix & brown sugar
What is your favourite lunch? Salad sandwich
What is your favourite dinner? Spiral pasta with cheese and tomato sauce
What is your favourite dessert? Ice cream with chocolate on it and sprinkles
What type of Pet would you like? I already told you…A mother cat with 10 kittens.
What would you call them? Sweetie, belle, sharky, tiger, milly and molly.