Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Happy sweet 16th

To my niece Paris.

Happy sweet sixteenth.

As the years fly past, you will always think of yourself as this age even when you are 80 so ENJOY!

you will always be my little golden preschool girl. (love your belly button)

To my kids you are France the best and most fun hairy monster.

Love you gorgeous.

 Keep following your dreams

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

New Years Eve 2014-2015
We have kids and we live on an island which is a natural adventure playground.
So why not enjoy the last sunset of the year here with friends at Emily bay.
We have swimming and beach games for the kids and the best sunset show.
3 webbers

'DRIBBLES' = drinks/nibbles before dinner

The boys chillaxing before firing up the bbq's

J playing with the sand

The kids on the raft pre sunset

Siennas star

 friends jumping off the raft together
 Bee belle
another sienna star

Ted's toes

even at sunset... look how clear the water is

A rare photo of us together. Brandt wasn't working tonight.

 The last rays of 2014

and the moon

 Our version of fireworks

 The simple joys of childhood!

Wishing you happiness & all that is good for you in 2015.