Thursday, 2 December 2010

No.2. 22 more sleeps!

The Tree is up.

This is baby Jasper's first Christmas, so he got his first taste of baubles while Teddy and Sienna decorated the tree.

I usually stick to a red and green theme each year with gold and silver for highlights.

There are a few handmade treasures from the children as well as from my clever Aunty Mary

When we first moved here 2 years ago, our Christmas tree of choice was a small Norfolk Island Pine tree we cut down from a friends house, but last year was too dry so we sought out a re-usable (fake) one.

Each year, Sienna insists on falling asleep under the Christmas tree. She never questions why she wakes up in her own bed.

The weather has been perfect here on the Island it is 21 degrees centigrade with the humidity rising, I have yet to get to the beach this week, but am sure that we will spend lots of time there snorkelling and swimming when our family arrive on the plane tonight.

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