Monday, 31 January 2011

Back to school

I must say that I love that lack of rushing out the door on school holidays and having to do the whole"hurry up we will be late" spiel everyday.

I found the school holidays to be a good time to enjoy each others company.
That said, January seemed to pass by in a blur of pure enjoyment and I don't quite know where it went.

I did work for 2 weeks at the Montessori Kinderhaus here on Norfolk Island, which probably whittled it down to 2 weeks playing at home (but my work there is incredibly fun as well plus I get to have my kids with me).

So today Teddy goes back to school and will be in year Two this year.
This is the start of a busy week with each child having a day designated to them.
Tomorrow is Jasper's very first birthday and then Sienna starts 'big school' on Wednesday.

Teddy needs his routine and so is looking forward to going back, especially to see all of his friends.

We are so proud of our little man and hope that he will continue to improve his learning, his love of life and enjoys being one of the 'big boys' in Infants by helping the young ones including his little sister.