Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter everyone!

I hope you have a wonderful Easter with your loved ones today and stay safe wherever you go.

With Love from us here on Norfolk Island.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter Carnival at Norfolk Island Central school

This year has flown by so fast that I have completely lost all concept of real time since starting university.
 It is Easter weekend 2012 already! AND I still have Christmas blogs to update not only from 2011 but from 2010 too.

Most of my photos and comments now go straight to facebook for friends and family to view, but the Easter carnival is such a fun event each year that it deserves a blog post.

Here is my little princess with her pipecleaner bunny ensemble that she made on the last day of term today.

 Each year the kindergarten to year two parents bake a cake for the cake stall to sell, I only have one year left to do this until Jasper starts school so am already planning next years cake.
 After the successes of my rainbow layer cake at last years Easter carnival and since, I made a short stack version this year in softer colours.

Last year there was a fight to see who would buy it first.

See original here it has the recipe of last year's rainbow layer cake.
I like the chocolate pastel version of today's cake, I think it worked out okay. I wonder who bought it?

Tonight the carnival was wet on and off again, but luckily the warm autumn night didn't deter may of the locals who happily walked around damp for an hour or so. the rides and amusements all still continued through the evening, the kids love it as running through the rain is one of the added joys of childhood

There are so many favourite activities, I hardly see the kids all night (until they come back for money)

Their favourites are the green machines (low to the ground bikes that can zoom around a track like go karts but with pedal power) and sumo wrestlers( big puffy suits to wear to wrestle your opponent to the ground, funny to watch) for Teddy and for Sienna, the merry go round, inflatable dragon where you can go through his mouth and climb through its belly and out its tail, also bat the rat, flying pigs and facepainting.
Jasper loved the merry go round, but was content to play to hang out with me in the facepainting room as I did my shift. He did like the trash and treasure room also and spent lots of time (out of the rain) playing with toys that look exactly like all his old baby toys that we used to have at our house, luckily he didn't ask me to buy them back again, I only just got them all boxed up and given away to the school.

Here Sienna is attempting to go for a fourth arm break by rollerskating everywhere along the wet and slippery paths and through muddy puddles, she had lots of fun though but those white Barbie pants will never ever be white again.

The perfect end to an exciting night, a chapter of a good titanic book and clutching a prized balloon.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Celebrating World Autism awareness day on Norfolk Island for the first time.

            On April 2 around the world, Autism awareness is celebrated.

This year, Norfolk Island didn't just join in to the world's celebrations, they lead and owned the day by offering the most amazing local support using people power.

On Norfolk Island, the whole event began only 3 weeks ago with a comment on facebook which I asked the facebook community of 500 of my friends and family "should we light up something blue on Norfolk Island for World autism awareness day?" and "what should I turn blue on April 2?"

From then on a flurry of activity from many individuals all accepted the challenge given and took it upon themselves to organize something for the event.

The date was set as it is a worldwide yearly event and through a few emails to ask for permission, the salthouse was chosen as the building to light up with thanks to Peter Davidson for coming in to work early on his holiday to get the permit approved.

Then Andre Nobbs accepted the offer to light it up for the night and provide some music which led to the blue light foundation being involved and cooking a great sausage sizzle as well as a disco for the kids inside the salthouse complete with blue flashing police lights.

As a separate interest, Mal Tarrant asked Bruce Kelly if it would be possible to light up Government house, Bruce asked the new Administrator who was only to fly in to his new home on that day, he willingly agreed.

Mal organized Shorty for the lights.

Claudine made 100's of blue ribbons and an Autism awareness t-shirt design up at Photopress and asked for permission to sell blue cupcakes at the post office during that day via donation, Deb not only approved, but made 100 cupcakes also then bought the staff blue Autism awareness t-shirts to wear on the day. The cupcakes sold out!

 Mal T also made an extra-large batch of blue caramel popcorn to sell on the day, Naomi at the olive made blue cupcakes and The Olive and Latitude 29 both sold the blue awareness ribbons.

Some shops also decorated their windows blue and Edie in Pete's place also made and sold blue cupcakes for a donation and awareness.

At one stage I was  overwhelmed by the amount of support and recognition the community was willing to give to an event in its inaugural year.

At the Salthouse from 4:30pm it had been a very windy day with thunderstorms and rain forecast but someone weather wise decided to smile on us as the wind dropped and blue skies appeared just as the crowds of people arrived. So with Blue people, blue skies, blue lights, blue food and drinks everything was blue except our moods. It was great to see so many come out on a Monday night to celebrate this great cause.

As the sunset and the lights glowed bright, Teddy gave a very inspiring speech about his life with Asperger's syndrome and his hopes for the future.
Here is Teddy's speech
Hi, my name is Teddy. I'm eight years old and have Asperger's syndrome.
I don't like people using loud voices, it makes me feel like I am in a battle zone, lots of people and kids don't understand Asperger's.
All I would like is for people to understand and accept that we are all different but we have some amazing qualities and skills to share with the world.
So please try and speak calmly as we have feelings too.
Lots of people with Asperger's have made a difference in the world like Einstein and Thomas Edison.
I want to be a famous architect and make a difference in this world too by redesigning places like Christchurch earthquake zone and the Brisbane flood area, Japan's tsunami area and W.A bushfire region.
I want to make a difference and make the world a better place.

There were many cars driving around Kingston as they came out to see Norfolk Islands landmarks lit up and glowing bright blue, it was really impressive.

Although it was not technically a fundraiser, the locals who are finding times tough themselves all dug deep and collectively raised around $800. What an amazing community we live in.

 The parents of local children with Autism are extremely grateful and would like to see the money be kept locally to provide Autism awareness here on the island. If you have any suggestion about how to raise and keep awareness local please email me on
good friends Mal and Rose came to celebrate both their Birthdays at the salthouse,
Rose even made blue birthday shots!

The kids loved the blue light disco inside the Salthouse complete with Police flashing blue lights inside and its changing colours outside.

I would like to thank everyone who came and supported us throughout the day and during the night.

Especially the following who went above and beyond helping,

Jonno and Rick at the Norfolk Islander, George on radio Norfolk and everyone who listened when baby Jasper wanted to talk! Alison at Norfolk online news, Anita at KAVHA, Peter Davidson, Mal and Raewynne Tarrant, Christian Bailey agencies, Shorty from Kiernan agencies and Jim from Norfolk Electrical, Bruce Kelly, The new administrator the Hon. Neil Pope and Mrs Pope for generously letting us light up your new home on your first night there, The Norfolk Island Police, Andre Nobbs and Mick Donohoe, Jasmine Kiernan, Greg and Joelene for the sausages, Tosca for the bread, Kiernan agencies for the sauce, butter, serviettes etc, Brandt, Doug, Eve, Caitlin and Dan who came to help set up. Gary at Photopress, Claudine, Deb and all at the post office, Naomi, Sarah, Monica, Rose & Edie and anyone else who I may have missed but who did anything extra to offer awareness on that day.

Already the photos of our two historic buildings lit up are circulating on the world on Autism websites such as 'Light it up blue' and 'ASPECT' with some great comments about how great they both looked. At last check there were nearly 200 people who have shared the image around and around 1000 people have pressed like to both the Salthouse and Government house Image.

April is Autism month, so if you still don't know about Autism, you have the rest of the month to find out all about it.
Try ASPECT for lots of amazing information on Aspergers and Autism spectrum disorders.

 Autism is for life, a little understanding and acceptance of our wonderful children goes a long way.