Saturday, 11 December 2010

No.11. Golf or Tennis anyone?


We are having some good weather here on the Island, it has been a bit cooler than usual and the summer humidity is about a month late in arriving.

Today was just lovely, the kids enjoyed a swim in the Fletcher Christian Apartments pool

In the afternoon, we all headed up to mini golf.

The kids enjoyed Daddy pushing them on their favourite swing.
Last school holidays, Brandt and my nephew Nic developed extreme mini golf where you play as many rounds as possible within a time frame.
This time, Brandt and nephew Jake stepped up a level and included the rainforest area 'walk in the wild'.
Mum and Dad enjoyed fresh red cherry guavas that grow wild on the bushes.
Tonight was my work Christmas party at the Cheryl tennis club.
There in the foyer was a potted Norfolk Island pine tree, they look so perfectly symmetrical to hang decorations on, we are lucky that we have so many Christmas trees growing here on the Island.
During the night, I discussed with native Norfolk Islander himself John Christian that we should celebrate the Norfolk Island, next Christmas watch this space for some sort of tree event.

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