Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Aunty Mary!

I won't give away your age........but you were born about 6 weeks before my Mum's 5th birthday and she turns 70 this year.

We felt honored that you had a trip to Noosa for your 60th birthday, when our Ted was only 4 weeks old and got to meet him. (and provided me my first photos of him that I have here with me on the computer)

I was still using a film camera then and you introduced me to the world of the digital cameras on that trip. I couldn't believe that you could take black and white and sepia photos with the flick of a switch, Then Brandt gave me my first digital camera for my birthday 6 weeks later and I do it automatically now.

Brandt says that I probably could have paid off another house with the amount of money that I spent on films and developing, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. Family, friends and precious memories are probably my 3 biggest treasures. I have and will continue to spend time looking at my photos of good,bad and interesting times as I saw them through the camera lens.

Thanks also Mary for starting me off on this blogging adventure.
I had enjoyed reading your Devonhouse Recollections for years, catching up with the goings on on Norfolk Island, now I also enjoy using the same medium to keep in touch with the family, and a good way to showcase my photos too.

Mary's Lovely sepia photos of Abbey and Paris. (July 2003)