Thursday, 21 February 2008

The next generation

I had to include these photos.

The first ones are of myself and my first cousin Charles ( we are born 5 months apart)

And then Sienna and baby Liam (who are born 18 months apart)
Pretty amazing isn't it!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008


2008 is a big year in our family, there are some amazing milestones that will be reached.

Starting 2 weeks ago, my first nephew Joshua or JP as his friends call him(and proud Aunty Ti Ti's Godson), reached the magical age of 18 and is now considered an adult as he heads off to his new university life, best of luck Josh!

Today is the next neice's Sweet 16th, Happy Birthday Alyssa! followed closely by my other sweet 16 neice Jessica's birthday in 3 days time.

Next month will be Kim and Charles wedding day which will start off their memories every year when they celebrate each anniversary. A week later will be their son Liam's 1st birthday.

Brandt's Grandmother, Fay Mac would have had her 90th birthday at this time too.

In June, Teddy will have his 5th birthday, perfect school age (how did we survive the past 5 years of parenting and sleep deprivation? I honestly can't remember, probably a good thing!)
The next day will be Brandt's OH NO the big 4-0!

Later in September my Mum, Sally will celebrate her (ahem mumble mumble) 70th (sorry Mum....) With you, age is certainly just a number as you are so young at heart and as you have always said, it doesn't matter if you are 50 years old, you never stop being that 5 or 16 year old as well.

A big year, but a good reminder of each milestone is that life is rolling along so fast, that we all should stop and enjoy each moment, and each birthday & anniversary etc because each milestone is a cause for celebration of where we have come from and how much we, our family and friends have acheived together.

Iam leaving you with 2 of my many favourite images of my 2 special angels...... lets hope that they learn to celebrate everything too.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Fay Mac

Rest now in Peace Fay Mac.

Brandt's paternal Grandmother Ena McRitchie(nee Morrison) died this morning, a month short of her 90th birthday.
Ena was named as a shorter version of her Grandmother Christina and then she named her daughter Christine, so when I married into the family 13 years ago, there was an Ena, Christine(now Brown) and Cristina McRitchie.

But Ena was never called Grandma by her Grandkids as when Brandt's sister Kim was little, she knew one Grandmother was Fay, so to tell the difference, Ena become Fay Mac and has been called so ever since by her 2 children, Christine and Brandt's Dad Alan, and their respective husband and wife, Jeff and Patty and by her 5 grandchildren, Kim, Brandt, Leigh, Cameron and Michelle and 4 great grandchildren, Abbey, Lara, Teddy and Sienna.

I am sorry that at the moment I can't tell you much about her life except, she played the piano wonderfully, walked to Banksia almost daily when she lived in her house at Rockdale, made us lovely butterfly cakes that I never managed to get the recipe from her, but they were soft and airy, and even at 85 years old would get down on the floor and play with the great-grandkids.

Brandt loved visiting her after work, even when her big Grandson was 25, she would make him tea and toast and let him have an afternoon nap in her sunny back room before he went to T.A.F.E 3 nights a week for 3 years.

I am grateful that we got these photos of both kids with her a few months before we moved to Norfolk Island. Both Teddy and Fay Mac were being cheeky that day.
Have fun with Bill Mac, Ena, we hope to hear some of your piano music floating down here sometime.