Sunday, 1 July 2012

Ages and Stages

WE try not to compare our children as all 3 are different from each other, we have accepted and love the best parts of their individual personalities but every now and again we like to see who they look like and guess who they will most be like as they grow older.

While pondering on this recently, I realized that Jasper who is now 2 years and 2 months is exactly the same age that Teddy was when Sienna was born and Sienna at 6 and a half is the same age that Teddy was when Jasper was born..... so, It is time to go through the photo archives to see who these little people were then and who they are becoming now.

After a recent fancy dress party where Jasper wore a shirt that my mum made for 2 year old Teddy, It was definitely time to compare.

All three of them are too cute and are growing up so fast with a whoosh! I know I can't slow down time, but I certainly do just enjoy them for who they are right now (well.... most of the time ☺)

 ♥Treasuring the moment♥