Sunday, 28 April 2013

A very special necklace

A few weeks ago Sienna and I made some very special Norfolk Island style jewellery for Soul Gallery out of Acrylic shrink film.
She then asked if I could do her some special pieces like a hello kitty bracelet and some cupcakes.

After she went to bed, I started playing around with my art pencils and a photo of Peri-Peri puppy as a surprise for Sienna when she woke up the next morning.

She loves her new necklace. After Peri-Peri's accident on Anzac day, we all want one, to keep her close to our hearts.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Monday, 8 April 2013

Looking up

Its has been a very busy end to March and start of April as my husband has been away for a few weeks. But thinks are definitely looking up.

I got 3 little subconscious messages this week to tell me to keep going!

First a swirly contrail from an overhead plane passing by.
Then a friend sent me this.

and finally I was swooped upon by these 2 gorgeous white terns.
 I hope your week is looking up also :)

Making a spontaneous splash

It was a half planned fun afternoon out with some of the kids long time family friends.
 (see a long long time ago)

The idea was to get some pumice stone which has been washing up on our beaches in volumes (see my Auntie's story here)

I was collecting it for our new permaculture garden at my preschool (see THAT story here)

Well a quick trip or two to Cemetery beach turned into a most unexpected fun afternoon.

It was the unplanned that was the most fun.

On the first trip a brief shower of rain made us feel a bit chilly. A thatch of newly mown grass nearby felt warm underfoot so the next moments were spent lying in it, jumping into it and playing hide and seek in it, even I joined in the frivolity and shared in the fun and laughter.

where are they hiding Peri~Peri?

On the second trip, it was getting quite late in the afternoon yet the children who went to look into the rock pools were drawn by the waves swirling around a large rock resembling a crocodile.

One by one they went in! Launching themselves from crocodile rock fully clothed on a mid Autumn afternoon.

I ran back to the truck to get my camera (as I am not often without it.) I had to capture the leaps of faith, the smiles of enjoyment and the friendship & camaraderie between the 4 long time friends.

I mentioned to the kids as they sat in the back of the truck wrapped in emergency towels packed for exactly this 'just in case' moment that we are the luckiest people in the world with freedom and imagination.

 We are free to enjoy our own island, to explore and make our own fun. We are not relying on expensive video games or paid people to entertain us, instead we had the free-est of free days by not paying a cent to be able to discover and play whatever we wanted to.

We are truly blessed.

And I am darn grateful that I was able to capture the photos so the memories will last a lifetime.

Little Jasper wasn't as happy at everyone jumping in the water.
Hugs from Mama with the rainbow hair helped.