Monday, 21 November 2011

Finding out about Norfolk Island

Everyone who arrives on Norfolk Island has a tale to tell about it, they also need to find out about Norfolk Island in some way or rather, this is usually from advertising or word of mouth.

The Internet has become the most powerful tool for people to tell their story and show through their images what life is like in their home & town in that space of time.

I started my blog (this one) about our family life here after I moved here nearly 5 years ago as my Auntie Mary had a blog that I followed with tidbits of island life prior to our move here called Devonhouse recollections
Then a school teacher who was moving here with her two young children found my blog and read about it prior to her move here early in 2010, she is now my daughters teacher and has a wonderful blog herself about their family life here called Norfolk Exposure.

I have recently received a comment (Thankyou Deb) from another potential teaching family who hope to move here and have been following my blog for an idea about family life on the island, who knows, Deb, perhaps you also will have a tale to tell about your time here, I wish you well and hope you do get to come to Norfolk Island, you will certainly learn to appreciate all the good things in life, like being part of an amazing close knit community who pull together in their mutual isolation from anywhere else, also to appreciate seasonal fruit and vegetables and being only 5 minutes from any beach or mountain view or valley and the most stunning 360 degree views, there is plenty to appreciate here. Call me when you get here and we can have coffee!
♥ Cristina

P.S, I have branched out from my first blog here to include many other blogs about me and my time on Norfolk Island and have helped others to start one for themselves also. None of my blogs gets the attention they deserve now that facebook is more instant and easy to use for a daily diary of photos and messages etc, but I do hope to come back to update these blogs when I can.
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