Wednesday, 8 December 2010

No.8 Jazz in the Pines


Jazz in the Pines is such a wonderful event on the Norfolk Island social calendar for over a week in early December each year culminating in a free Jazz concert on the green over looking our beloved Emily bay.
I will let you read all about it on my aunty's blog but here are a few of my pictures to enjoy.

Jasper stayed with Granny and Poppa to enjoy the grooves while I ran around with Mum's taxi doing the school drop offs and pick ups.
Today was an important day with Sienna's orientation to Kindergarten or Big school next year.

She has spent the last 3 days for an hour each day at the school and meeting her buddy's, lucky she has two to keep up with her!

Teddy's class were singing Christmas carols at the Government house open day.

This wonderful giant old Norfolk Island pine tree stands in the grounds and is honestly my favourite Christmas tree in the world, even not decorated.
After the school pick up, we headed back to Emily bay to play and listen to the Jazz.

Both kids disappointingly noticed at once that the raft was missing from the bay.

Sometimes they take it out for a quick repair, replace the drums and a repaint but not in Summer.

It was another beautiful day on the island, busy, but full of music, new adventures, happy children and fantastic scenery.

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