Friday, 10 December 2010

No. 10. Friday again already?


Today's busy day included Sienna's 2nd last swimming lesson for the year and a step closer to receiving a certificate for level 2 courage from the Royal surf life saving society.

After the lesson, I saw that her 2 friends Til and Abi had beautiful matching Christmas skirts on that Til's talented mum, my friend Michelle sewed for them. too cute.

It was such a beautiful day so after picking Teddy up from school, we had to go to the beach again.
This time we chose the beach at slaughter bay and one of our favourite places Dragon rock.

Here, the kids played in the sand, in the water and rockpools and on the rocks, Jake skipped stones on the water while Granny and Poppa snorkelled around the reefs.

Baby Jasper fell asleep, Jake amused himself with a funny hat and
I of course was doing my favourite beach thing, beachcombing for beach glass. There was plenty of my favourite colour green. We then saw the graduating year 10 come to the beach before their formal to get their photos taken, they would have been very scenic.

Tonight was the under 18's disco fundraiser for the Wa'a outrigger club which his always fun.

Before going home, we decided to squeeze one more event in for the day and invited my Mum and Dad to follow us around the island to see the best Christmas lights.

Luckily we did as my car overheated as a water hose burst as we arrived at Kingston and we had to abandon car there. It didn't stop us from viewing the rest of the lights, we just jumped in the car with them and saw the rest.

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