Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Christmas wishes from Norfolk

Whatawey Yorley!

Hope you all had a very special day like we did!

I did get some Christmas cards out, but as Christmas crept up so quickly this year, some of our friends and family missed out, our apologies if that was you.
Thankyou for all the ones we received, I really appreciate them and all of the updates.

You may have got these from us via email,
If not, have a look. It is such a funny concept, and all of the other elf yourself's that I have received have been equally as entertaining.

Here is our family elf yourself......


and then Teddy wanted another one, so here is a very cute one of just the kids....


I couldn't resist one final one, there was a perfect photo of Brandt for scrooge yourself......


Take care and have a Very Merry Christmas!

love and friendship,

Tina and the family.


Monday, 17 December 2007

Happy First anniversary on Norfolk!

12 months ago tonight, we arrived on Norfolk Island on a delayed flight from Brisbane, farewelled at the airport by our beautiful close friends and My brother Mike and sister in law Kate and nephew and neice, Jake & Jess.

Brandt kissed the tarmac when we arrived and Ted thought that was what you did and copied him.

Our Norfolk Family was all there to meet us at the airport or back at Mary and Bernies house for a late supper before we moved in to our loft that we kindly were allowed to live in for 8 weeks before we moved into  Fletcher Christian Apartments.

Teddy was only 3 and a half and Sienna was only 15 months old, her passport picture looks so little, now that she is a big Miss 2.
We have had a fantastic year of learning about the seasons, enjoying and sharing seasonal fruit and the weather patterns, It has been an amazing learning curve and we are glad every day that we have done it, there will never be any regrets in this family.

We do miss all of our Qld friends and family very much, just like we missed everyone from Sydney when we moved to Queensland in 1998.

When Teddy told me on our last holiday that he wanted to go home, I asked him where home was and he wasn't sure, so we have definately decided that home is where ever our little family are together.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

through the swirling mists

I had a wonderful time, as did Teddy and Sienna with my niece Alyssa and my Mum(Granny) here with us on Norfolk Island for 2 weeks, we went driving and sight seeing around the many scenic roads and bays here as well as snorkeling down the beach, and when I was working, they also went sight seeing. Even after 2 weeks, there was still some areas that they didn't get to, Well, you have to leave something for next time.

The weather was more spring than summer, with cooler evenings and an odd cooler day, but on the last few days of their trip, we experienced a most bizarre weather change.

It was like the whole Island was enveloped in a giant cloud, the mists had rolled in and made most Norfolk landmarks disappear.

Everyone knows here, that if you cant see Mount Pitt and Mount Bates, then the planes won't be coming in to land or taking off, So on the day of Mum and Lyss' departure when the mountain became invisible and the plane was delayed, we decided to drive up the Mountain to see, and we couldn't see.

We took similar photos to the beginning of their holiday when you could see forever, so you could compare the difference, it was quite an amazing and eerie experience.

They did get to the airport and checked in 12 hours later than expected, and we said our goodbyes, But as they were sitting on the plane ready to taxi down the runway, the mists reappeared and were rolling in thicker and faster than ever, those of us who stayed to wave our farewells to the plane were willing it to get going quickly before it became to hard to see, or else disembark the passengers, it was a bit fraidy.

The take off down he runway at 9pm had the plane's flashing lights reflecting off the clouds, but just as the wheels left the tarmac, they really did disappear into thin (or thick) air.

It was sad to see them go, but glad they did get to the Sunshine coast safely for my niece Olivia's 1st Birthday.

It all reminded me of another strange weather day that we had at the beginning of September which was a one off.
The low cloud turned our normally bright and cheerful gardens at Fletcher Christian apartments into a dull grey landscape.

Knowing that no one would be at Emily bay, Clayton, who works with Brandt, and a few of his mates took their jet ski out with their wakeboards to zoom around the bay and coral reefs of Slaughter bay.

The weather here recently has kept us guessing, given the locals something to talk about and certainly keeps life interesting.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Its beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS......

Mary's angel on top of the Christmas tree she made for us.

I Love, really really LOVE this time of year!

the 1st of December is the beginning of a whirlwind month that you can cram as many parties and get togethers and catch ups in, as well of thinking about friends and family who you don't see, especially when Christmas cards arrive from people you have known and loved over the years, you may not see each other due to distance or other circumstances, but a Christmas card is a little glow that says I still think of you fondly.

This year is the first time we have stayed put for Christmas since Teddy who is now four and a half was 6 months old, since then we have spent Christmas in Norfolk, then Sydney and then last year in Norfolk again, but this year we can start our own traditions, Teddy and Sienna can wake up in their own beds on Christmas morning and look under the tree..................................
Teddy's face watching when our lights came on for the first time.
BUT, first we need that tree. That is why the 1st of December is also a special day as it is the first day that we start to decorate and sing Christmas carols and start the countdown on the advent calendar(only 24 more sleeps to go!)

The Norfolk pine is such a perfect Christmas tree shape, it even has its own stars on top.
This fine specimen is on the grounds of Government house, over looking Kingston.
We were lucky to be offered a live pine sapling from my friend Eve who had a few growing up in the wrong places in her garden and was happy to donate one to us, we ceremoniously arrived to cut it down and had a good giggle at Eve's husband Doug surrounded by miles of fairy lights trying to untangle & replace bulbs(another Dec.1st tradition).
This is Teddy's friend Mirabelle who found the tree for us in her garden, she looked just like a fairy on top of the Christmas tree.
Our tree was chosen, cut and taken home for decorating.
As we packed up our house last year, our decorations got packed up too(and I didn't have a collection of preschool ones...yet), so it was time to start anew.

It seemed that this year was going to be Red, Green and Gold, when we wrapped the tree in red foil and found some little green Teddy ornaments.
But the best part of December 1st this year, was after we had decorated, Granny (my mum) and my niece Alyssa were arriving on the night flight from Sydney. Yahooooo.
She brought with her the most adorable elf costumes, which both kids loved and looked so cute in.
Let the Christmas season begin!