Friday, 3 April 2009

A very SWEETies Easter

Around the corner and up the hill from us is a very sweet place.


This is a special place for any tourists and locals with a sweet tooth, especially for the kids as it is just a few steps away from Norfolk Island Central school and on the route home for us.

It has the charm of an old fashioned corner store or sweet shop and you can find just about everything there*

When Easter eggs started appearing, I knew that I wanted to do a sweeties blog as not only do they import delicious chocolate and sweets, but owner Andrew M has been making them by hand for many years, his wife Raewyn also adds a creative touch to the chocolate displays and daughter Siobhan also works behind the counter during the busy after school 'sweet fix' rush.

Easter is also one of my favourite times of year, there is something about the mixture of Shiny coloured foil wrappings around sweet chocolate that can transport anyone back to their childhoods with visions of of Charlie and the chocolate factory or the wonderful Easter egg hunts that the Easter bunny would do for us as children, hiding eggs around the house and giving us a map to try and find them. The hunt was just as exciting as finding the eggs and eating them and the wonderful old bunny still carries on this tradition to our children.

My kids favourite thing to do at Sweeties (apart from eating their icecream) is to fill a cup from the wonderful array of perspex boxes filled with lollies of all shapes, sizes and appealing sweet colours, they know this is reserved for very special occasions, when the grandparents visit and are usually happy with the offer of a big choc covered jelly baby to last the entire walk home from school.
My favourite thing is to have one of their iced espresso frappes & take it down the beach....yummy.

No wonder why it is one of the favourite after school activities, there is something for everyone.
I have also heard parents tell their kids...."it's Friday today, Sweeties day".

Sienna and Wilkes grabbed a shopping basket each while checking out the range of choccy eggs at Foodland or 'foodies', but they didn't put any eggs in which was a surprise.

We love this colourful chocolatey display the best.
Have a yummy, special, safe, happy Easter.

* Except lemon sherbet English style bon bons & hot chocolates made from pure chocolate, which I am very grateful for, as they are all my favourites and I don't need any other sweet temptations, there is plenty to chose from as it is!

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Miriam said...

Aaaah, Sarah & Emily's highlight of Norfolk Island!