Saturday, 20 June 2009

A Young Scientist's Birthday

20th June 2009
Happy 6th Birthday Teddy!

Though there has been some confusion this week, Teddy thought that once he turned 6, he would move up into the next class, his teacher's at school finally convinced him that he wouldn't go to year one until January next year.
So even though he is happy to have a 6th Birthday party, he has told everyone that he is still 5 and won't turn 6 until January next year.

But he was so happy to have his Granny here for a visit during his birthday week, especially when one of Granny &  Poppa's presents was a full scientist outfit, white coat, lab goggles, glasses pen and pad, magnifying glass and Professor Teddy name tag.
Teddy loved doing all sorts of experiments that he received for his birthday, from exploding volcanoes to marble tricks and quicksand pits for his plastic jungle animals to get stuck in.

And what cake suits a budding volcanologist? A volcano cake of course.
After looking at a few designs for lava etc on , we settled on a quick assembly of choc coated honeycomb cubes and some red toffee lava. The effect with sparklers was pretty spectacular.

This was served at his party with his school friends where we had a winter indoor movie and popcorn party and appropriately showed shark boy and lava girl.

At the family breakfast which we had a Governors lodge on his birthday morning, Kim made a wonderful dinosaur cake and the staff there decorated each chair and gave us party hats when they found out we were coming.

We wish you every happiness Teddy as you grow older and wiser. We hope all your dreams of becoming Dr. Teddy Einstein or Professor Theodore McRitchie come true.