Sunday, 5 December 2010

No.5. Sunny Sunday


We headed to the airport this morning to say bye to our little cousin Liam who is heading off to New Zealand to stay with his other grandparents prior to Christmas until his mum and dad join him there in a couple of weeks.
There was lots of cuddles.
Living in a small Island community which relies on tourism and planes, a trip to the airport to meet and greet or to say Bon Voyage is part of our lives, especially for the children.

A Jazz band for Jazz in the pines week playing to the arrivals off the plane.
After the airport, we made it to the Sunday markets to view all the stall holders wares.
I was reminded to go to the local Sports and workers club (sporties) Kids Christmas party.

Santa was coming (Hooray said Ted and he didn't look like Daddy like he did 2 years ago).

There were lolly scrambles, good food and lots of fun with friends before all the kids had a chance to sit on Santa's knee to receive a present.

Teddy got a soft rocket launcher

Sienna got Dora and Boots figurines hiding in a large egg

But poor baby Jasper upon seeing this 'Santa' character for the first time did a double take before crying to get off his lap (which is very unlike my happy baby and make you wonder why we make our children sit on his knee)

Santa came good though and gave him a fantastic bucket and spade set, what a great present for a little drummer boy.

After the party, the weather was warm enough for sitting at the beach and playing on the sand with Jasper's new bucket and spade which he loved.

Only the children ventured into the water and swam to the raft and back.

There were plenty of families enjoying Emily bay on this gorgeous, sunny afternoon.


Anonymous said...

still waiting for the rest of the build up to Christmas, it is now the 16th and only 5 days posted....

Cristina Rose said...

They are coming....I promise.
You will see how busy I have been when I am up to date, plus fog has been playing havoc with the internet and flights here, making it a slow process to upload.

Watch this space.