Saturday, 14 August 2010

6 months old

6 months old already and changing everyday.

Jasper couldn't wait until 6 months to begin eating, he was hungry at 5 months.

See my Aunty Mary's blog of Jasper's first food

He is also crawling, very early I know, but he does have a big brother and sister to chase after.

At first Jasper looked so much like Sienna and now there are so many similarities with a 6 month old Teddy.
Is it the hair? or personality?
 Time will tell.

In the meantime we are enjoying each day with this bundle of energy, he has the most delicious smiles and bubbly laughter, each day is a blessing.

Just a little footnote of our recent visitors, Aunty Jenni and cousin Alyssa came to Norfolk Island last month for Jasper cuddles and I found this photo from 7 years ago when they visited us on the Sunshine coast for Teddy cuddles.