Thursday, 16 December 2010

No.16. A rainy Christmas wish


After being so dry for so long, any rain is a welcome gift.
Although we are all grateful for the wet stuff that is finally falling out of the sky, it has come at the expense of our annual Christmas street pageant which has now been postponed.

The downpour happened after lunch between 2pm and 5:30pm, but was dry the actual hours the pageant would have been on, still a decision had to be made for all the outdoor food vendors setting up their outdoor cafe's and stalls etc.

I spent this morning taking some photos of beautiful baby girls during a photography shoot at Kingston, then joined my family for a lovely lunch at Governor's lodge restaurant.

This afternoon to appease the kids from missing out on seeing Santa on the firetrucks, we took the kites down to Emily bay to see if we could fly them.

There was enough ocean breeze to float the kites for up to 30 seconds, enough to get hopes up before disapointedly watching them crash down again.
But the fun was in our constant attempts to keep the kites in flight.

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