Tuesday, 7 December 2010

No.7. Driving to the beach

Another beautiful afternoon at Emily bay.

It is low tide every afternoon this week, so perfect time to snorkel in the bay.

The kids challenge every time we come here is to swim to the raft in the middle of the bay and jump off, I used to do it on my summer holidays here as a kid also.

My confident two oldest kids will run off to play and talk to their friends on the beach and make new ones of any age.

It is so still here today that we can hear their conversations floating down to us from the other side of the beach.

On a small Island community like this, we can feel safe to let the children out of our eyesight for a moment on the beach as we know most of the families who are playing here.

Even on a busy weekend, there are no huge crowds.

♥It is Paradise♥

My 16 year old nephew Jake who is here has just got his learners permit licence.

He is keen to practise his driving skills. The roads down at Kingston are the least winding on the Island, so it is a good place for him to drive with one of us while Granny watches the kids at the beach.

Singing Sienna likes to sing loud opera out of the car window while we drive along, it would be impossible to learn to drive with her ☺

There was a beautiful sunset on its way when we left the beach, by the time we got home and organized for dinner, we walked out into the front yard to watch the view over Ball bay.

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