Saturday, 23 August 2008

IT2, take 2.

"It takes two baby, just me and you, you know it takes two."

I have just finished another season of It takes two (IT2), Norfolk Island style.
Or IT2 2008.
It was loads of fun and an amazing way of fundraising for 8 local charities at the same time as it involved 3 things that I like to do, being a member of a community, helping those who need it and putting on a show or singing on stage.
Brandt and I were also in the innaugural Norfolk Island charity singing competition in late 2007 (look in the archives of this blog, October & November 2007)

This year was different as the community knew what to expect, quite a few locals were scared off by the idea of performing in front of everyone on the island, and they begged off from being nominated.

Luckily those brave of us and a large school teacher contingent came to the party and we became the 8 couples in IT2 2008.

Tamson Mayo and Karen Thompson again organized, ran and hosted this years competition to absolute prescision.

The voting tins at the local supermarket, 'Foodies'.
Each couple was made up by a mentor and a novice.
Meet Tony Janssens an erergetic school teacher, Belgian, speaks french, & has an inner performer who has been waiting for years to bust out, we have now unleashed the beast.

Show 1 was explosive. and lots of fun....

I guess we learned from series one that costumes and themes impress the audience so there were some pretty creative choices.
The choice of songs was either Movie/Musical or Country.

Rose and Tony rocked as Princess Fiona and Shrek with such realistic handmade costumes(it is amazing what you can find on Norfolk Island, at the op and toy shop).

One of the funniest moments was when Karens son Eli (who is also Sienna's boyfriend) came downstairs to the green room and saw that Shrek was there, his face was priceless.

The performances

We were silly enough to attempt Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody after google searching the most popular movie song of all time and it was this, from Wayne's world.

Why not? It had lots of elements and a chance for some quick costume changes, mid song.
We were given top marks from the judges (I think for being Brave.)

The Judges

Brent offers constructive critisism
Tanya is the nice positive Judge
and then there is Kim.... the nasty one.

Nicky interviews all the contestants in the green room about their performance and the judges comments/scores. Thommo videos it.

The interview

The girls hogging the bathroom (dressing room)

The green room

The food and drink flows freely.

The performing Mummy's get cuddles from their tired kids in the green room, after their performances.

Show 2 theme was a choice of Rock or Disco

Tony(meatloaf) loves the costumes.
Tony really wanted Paradise by the dashboard light, but at 8 minutes something, we had already done our 'epic' song the preious week.
Determinely, he found a shorter version.
I forgot some words and Tony's wig fell off half way through the song, but that was half the fun of it.

Eliminations and the wild card entry.
Show 2 saw half the couple eliminated at the end with the chance for a wild card entry to be announced the following week.
Amazingly, we got in to the final round.

Show 3 theme was a love song and then free choice
Tony again chose a 'new' piece for me to learn, so in a week I learned the italian opera "Time to say Goodbye" or "Con te Partiro"

My aopolgies to any Sarah Brightman fans out there on my behalf, but it did sound better on the night.
Tony has posted our song on You tube.
Please feel free to watch it out of morbid fascination rather than a professional interest.
Sadly, I give my performance the cringe factor award.

We then had lots of fun with our free choice (and a nostalgic trip back to the 80's for me)

Wake me up before you go go. (just like old times, yes I had a wham shirt in hot pink!)

And the 2008 winners are....................................

Amanda & Aiden.


Let the party begin!

It is great to hear the very talented Karen and Tamson sing after the shows, but just you try and take that blow up guitar off Tam!