Saturday, 4 September 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Sienna Antenna

Here is Sienna's interview as this week's 'Kid of the week' for the local online newspaper, Norfolk Online news.

What is your name? “Sienna Antenna”.

Why is that your name? “I made it up because I couldn't be Hannah Montanna”.

Do you have any other names? “Yes, you can call me Silverbelle Rose or Penelope if you like”.

What are you doing today? “I had a coffee with my dad at a cafĂ© and now I am just playing with my fairies.”

What else do you like to do? “Lots of craft and singing and drawing at home and painting like my mum does.”

What are your favourite toys? “My little ponies and my dog and my baby brother Jasper.”

How old are you? “I am 5 in 2 more sleeps.”

What is on your birthday wish list? “A cat and plasticine and a big kangaroo, I can't wait!”

What is your favourite food? “Porridge, because it's so sweet.

I like pizza with pineapple and cheese and meat AND vegetables. I love stripy ice cream that's pink, brown and white.”

What do you grow in your garden? “Ginormous sunflowers and thousands and millions of cherry tomatoes.”

What is your favourite show on tv? “Top gear.”

Why? “Because I like Richard Hammond, he is my boyfriend, but don't tell Wilkes or Eli because I am going to marry them.”

What are you going to do at school next year? ”Read books, listen to the teacher and do lots and lots of homework!”

What colour school uniform would you like to wear? “I will have to wear white and blue but I want to wear pink and purple sparkles.”

What are you going to be when you get bigger? “A singing teacher.”

Why? “Because I love singing.”

Where will you live when you get bigger? “I like Norfolk Island but I am going to live in Africa.”

Why Africa? “Because I like zebras and giraffes.”

Thankyou Sienna Antenna and Happy 5th Birthday!
Here is another 'kid of the week' article that Sienna appeared in after her birthday last year.
You’ve got to love kids

Name: Sienna Rose

How old are you? 4, I like being 4.

What is the best thing about going to Banyan Park Playcentre? Painting, doing puzzles and dressing up dolls, I like singing and dancing but I do that at home.

What is your favourite thing about the teachers there? I love when they do lots of sparkly stuff and give us glitter to glue on things.

What do you want to be when you are a big salan (person)? A Mermaid.

What is a Mermaid's job? cleaning up the sea, brushing my hair and even singing.

Who do you want to marry when you grow up? Eli, I will marry him on a Thursday, but I am still little so I will marry Wilkes on Friday and Cameron on Wednesday, have I said Wednesday yet? and Ben E on a princess day and Ben C on a king day.

Where will you live? Fairyland with my best friend King Wilke I will eat bubble cakes and juice cakes.

How did you break your arm? I fell off Wilkes fig tree, I screamed very loud.

Do you have a pet? Yes it is Bantam, its a little weenie chicken, but Teddy calls him Phantom.
Thankyou Sienna for the last 5 years of love, squeals, songs and laughter and for just being uniquely you!
 I Love you princess, love from Mummy.