Friday, 21 November 2008

The Pie Fight!

Do you Remember the pie fight from the classic movie "The Great Race"?

Granny & Poppa had the great race DVD and showed it to Teddy last year.

It was the funniest thing that Teddy had ever seen, Adults being given free reign in a bakery to throw pies at each other.

After watching the movie Teddy liked to re enact the pie fight by throwing cushion "pies" at everyone. This amused Granny and Poppa so much that they gave him the DVD almost a year ago.

Recently when Teddy re watched the pie fight again, his Daddy watched it with him.

They both laughed all the way through it so much, that Brandt had a great suggestion..... why not have a real pie fight!
So off to the Supermarket they went to find cans of whipped cream and soft paper plates.

When they asked the lady at the supermarket where the whipped cream was, she asked them what they were making, Teddy explained that they were having a pie fight and the poor lady looked horrified at the waste of cream.

But, it was worth it for the fun.
Teddy waited for Max and Armanagh to come over and join in the fun.
Brandt piled the plates evenly and then it was on.

Not even me, the poor camera woman with SLR in one hand and video in the other was spared from a plate of cream on the head.
It was loads of fun, Teddy exclaims at the end of our video that it was "The best pie fight ever".
After a complete hose off and then a quick dip in the pool, it really was a fun afternoon full of fun & laughter.