Sunday, 12 December 2010

No.12. Then the fog rolls in.


You wouldn't be able to tell from these photos that we have had a thick foggy morning, there was such a covering of cloud and misty fog that Brandt's flight to NZ has been delayed.

Half an hour after the plane should have landed though, the skies were as clear as anything. As it is a warm sunny day, you can be sure that the resheduled plane time for tonight will be when the fog rolls back in to the Island.

So as to not waste a glorious day, we headed to the beach.

After Granny and Poppa snorkelled and the kids swam, we bought Ice-creams from Se Moosa Bus.

I also have my friend Chrissie's baby shower on this afternoon, her baby is due the same day as Jasper's first Birthday.

Then on to Peter Sanders 60th birthday at Two chimney's winery. Brandt wasn't going to be able to attend as he was supposed to be in NZ performing as Tom Jones for Tornado entertainment.

Peters best mate John was supposed to be flying in on the NZ flight, so when the night flight was cancelled due to the fog, Brandt took his place.

After the cutting of the cake and a request for Brandt to sing, he gave Peter an amended version happy birthday baby mine.

Jasper loved having Daddy home for a bit longer and another party to go to.

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