Friday, 30 November 2012

Giving Thanks


This week Norfolk Island celebrated its traditional Thanksgiving.
Though this one wasn't as traditional as the past...more like starting new traditions.

Here we have much to be thankful for. Being bound by weather which also affects our crops, fishing and general well being, we can certainly be grateful for those good times at the moment.

I am grateful each and everyday, not just at thanksgiving, for my wonderful family.

I am grateful for many, many things and I feel that I am extremely lucky in my life.

This year I have been gifted an opportunity to return to preschool teaching in the coming years which I intend to embrace with all that I have. I am also grateful that I have spent every day with my nearly 3 year old son's life, we have hung out together with every job I have had. This will continue next year as he comes to preschool with me.
I have many other blessings, too many to be thankful for on one day, that is why I am grateful for being so lucky all year round ☺

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old Digby dog find a patch of dirt in the late afternoon sunshine to age gracefully in.

This year we return to Mary and Bernie's for something new and very special. As I said, it may be the start of new traditions.

The official blessing of Dar Nakamal blong Bernie built on a piece of their woodland at Devonhouse.

Wikipedia tells us


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A small nakamal on Pentecost Island
A nakamal is a traditional meeting place in
Vanuatu. A nakamal is found in every significant rural Vanuatu community.
In north and central Vanuatu, the nakamal generally takes the form of a large building, assembled from traditional materials with the help of the entire community, under the direction of a particular chief. Entry to the nakamal is often restricted to men, and the building may be used as a sleeping and living area for unmarried men and boys and for male visitors to the village. Significantly, most nakamals lack a lockable door, indicating that all friendly visitors are welcome, although there may be a low barrier across the entrance to keep out animals.
In southern Vanuatu, a nakamal may be a large, sheltered outdoor space, such as under a banyan tree.
The nakamal may be used for meetings and ceremonies of various kinds, but its main function nowadays is as a place for the preparation and drinking of kava. In urban Vanuatu society the term nakamal is increasingly synonymous with "kava bar".
In New Caledonia nakamal are found throughout the island and also in the Loyalty Islands. They are generally identified by a red light outside the establishment. - when the light is turned on, the nakamal is open for business.

The blessing by Bishop Forsyth
Signs I quickly painted the day before. These were as rough as I allowed myself to paint them
Food coming out of the ground oven
This nakamal blong Bernie (belongs to Bernie) cleverly uses all natural timbers, palms and rocks found on Norfolk Island. It has been beautifully finished and is a wonderful addition to our multicultural south pacific island.
cutting sugar cane to chew

Sienna bringing the two 2 year olds up for dinner

Liam joins in to help

what a feast! this spread over 3 tables. No one does pot luck like Norfolk Island people.

the kids dining together

Around the nakamal & woodland

Teddy and Ashleigh dine together....but its not a date they assure me.

Our wonderful administrator and his wonderful wife sit inside the nakamal with the Bishop & his wife.

Kim made traffic light jelly...mmmmm


As if we can't eat another thing...then there is the fully laden dessert table.

And a lolly lollipop at a time ☺

The children all played really well together all day and night. It was magic.

I look forward to many family gatherings here in the future. I might even sit and play the ukulele next time instead of being a chicken and handing my spares over.

It was a fantastic celebration both of the nakamals blessing and of our own for Thanksgiving day.

I hope you are all as blessed as we are.

Friday challenge ~ 3 little piggies

Hello and so sorry for the lack of postings lately.

After 3 weeks in Hawaii then a further unexpected 2 week trip to Sydney has left me with hundreds of blog drafts (many of which are still in my head) yet nothing posted.

Then a good friend of mine here on Norfolk Island challenged me to link up with a Friday favourite photo. I gladly accept this challenge with reminders, you will see me more of my wonderful life appear on this blog.

Here lies another challenge though. I take thousands of photos each week, so how do I chose just one to post?
Well this weeks photo came from a tiny moment within a whole wonderful day that deserves its very own blog post. I guess that is what this challenge will do the most will be to generate a lot more posts each week from looking through my photos.
Though time challenged myself, I find it hard to say no to anything and I like to show you all how lucky I am to live on Norfolk Island. is my Friday Favourite

This is the link to view my friends wonderful blog and her Friday favourites.
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