Saturday, 13 July 2013


Norfolk Island is famous for its native Norfolk Island Pine tree 'Araucaria heterophylla'.

I have always loved to feature this tree silhouetted by a sunrise or sunset in my island photography but lately have been searching out new silhouettes.


 Beautiful and distinct Phillip Island
casts a lovely shadow.
the native tree fern of Norfolk Island
Cyathea brownii is one of the largest in the world and also gives a beautiful silhouette.

 One of my cheeky fans on my facebook page Captured by Cristina Rose photography said this cow looked like shrek...I can see it too.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Happy 4th of July

Though we have a few American ties here on Norfolk Island such as celebrating Thanksgiving in November due to American whalers being stationed on the Island many moons ago, there are not many other reasons to celebrate the independence of another country, but we do anyway.

As I now run a preschool, we have spent the year going 'around the world' and gaining stamps for our preschool passport. This week, we visited the USA.

Last night a few friends got together, dressed up and ate an American style feast till we popped. (think fried chicken, hamburgers, hotdogs, New York & Hawaiian pizzas, caramel corn, red white and blue pancake stack, cosmopolitans to drink and apple pie)

Tonight after corn fritters, I let my children make S'mores in the fireplace, almost like we did in Hawaii, but it is winter here and I improvised with Aussie Marshmellows and NZ choc dipped biscuits (rather than a square of Hersheys on a Graham cracker)
We were lucky that our Granny was here to share them too.

I think we have a yummy new family tradition.