Tuesday, 14 December 2010

No.14 awards

Today, most of the fog has swirled away, though we can relax on that front for the rest of the week anyway as we are not expecting anyone on the planes until Saturday when Brandt's parents arrive one day before him.

So we had some time for Sienna to play in the pool while Teddy was at school.
And decorate a Christmas tree that we got at a garage sale but was molting too much for inside, so we popped it on the roadside and dressed it up with decorations and solar lights for all to enjoy.

MY Cousin John put on a fish fry tonight for the family in the Fletcher Christian Apartments BBQ pavilion, it was delicious.
as were the salads and freshly picked melons to accompany the fish.

Tonight we attended the school awards ceremony.
Teddy was to receive and award for improved efforts in class activities, he told me it was because he had been trying hard to be better at everything.
I am a very proud Mum anyway, but am super dooper proud of my little man with AS (Asperger syndrome) and of his teacher Judy and the school for encouraging him even though he thinks 'a little differently than others'.
Of course having Granny there to witness him receiving his award was especially special for us all!

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