Friday, 20 April 2007

Holiday snaps!

Above is Teddy getting too confident on his boogie board, we are worried that he will keep swimming to New Zealand! Right is the remnants of an easter egg picnic which Jane the cat wanted to join in on.

The 3 September girls all matching.Mum(10th) and I(18th) were surprised by turning up in the same clothes, so we matched Sienna(4th) too.

Below, Nic and Sienna play singstar after a potluck dinner at friends, Raewyn&Mal's.

Having Mum, Dad and Nic here has made me get out and enjoy this island for a few hours a day with them. That was what we loved about living near Noosa, another holiday town, was when friends and family came up to stay, we enjoyed being "on holiday" with them, and revert to doing the tourist thing, it really makes you enjoy what you have around you.

So I brought out my new underwater camera and cautiously allowed it to get wet, as Nic, Mum and I went snorkelling.WOW! I am so glad that I have it, now I can share the underwater world that I love so much with you.

Nic and I swam to the pontoon in the middle of Emily bay and had fun taking these shots, there are also photos of the side of my head as I adjusted my mask and snorkel, but you wont see those ones here.

Here are a few of my playmates, I have been playing with them and their family for years, it is nice to see them each time I come back here.
Of course, a few hours at the beach has to include collecting a small bag of beach glass, we were all on the look out, and had a great treasure hunt, especially for the rarer green'Emeralds'.

I now have a large bucket of family collected beach glass. so many beautiful sights, above the water and below! Hope you can come and see them for yourself one day.

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