Saturday, 14 April 2007


We have been very excited and counting the sleeps until our first family visitors arrive.
My parents, Sally and Roy(Granny and Poppa) are coming and bringing my 10 year old nephew Nicholas with them.
Teddy was so excited that he couldn't even put his shoes on before leaving for the airport, he just kept running laps around the house, it was NO MORE SLEEPS!
We saw their plane appear out of the sky and then land, which sends Sienna running to me with fear of the noise of the reverse thrusts. We thought she would be used to it with the amount of time we spend watching the planes take off.
Then the plane cruised up to the terminal, we all waved madly, not sure what side of the plane they were on, It turns out they could see us all anyway.
Teddy was glued to the door of arrivals waiting, and then came the huge running cuddle, he really has missed his cousins and grandparents. Nic of course was all beams too, he has always loved his cousins.
We all came back to our place, where I could proudly offer my homemade lemonade scones with cream and guava jelly I also made.
There was much exchanging of supplies and Easter egg gifts and hugs and catching up, then we were off to Mary and Bernies, where my cousin John was cooking a fish fry for dinner. There were lots of extended family members coming tonight, so it was a big catch up for everyone.

Mary and Mum sitting together with Digby the dog.

Mum(Sally) with Basil the cat. Nicholas with the fish that is too yummy to give Roany the dog, but I am sure he got a few tidbits, as did the rest of the dogs.

It is lovely having Family together.

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