Monday, 9 April 2007

Easter comes early.

By a special request made to the Easter bunny to come a day early on Easter Saturday as the motel had a big turnaround morning where more than half our guests were flying out and were replaced an hour later with more guests.
Well he certainly complied with our request, and even though our children like to sleep in,I have heard stories of Children getting up really early on Easter morning to be delighted to see what the Easter bunny had brought them, But I wasn't prepared when I was woken up at 11:30pm on Good Friday, by a very excited little voice in my ear and strong waft of chocolate on his breath, Ted was whispering, not able to contain his excitement...."Mum, the Easter bunny has been and he left me a big, medium and small egg next to my bed and Sienna's bed!" I ushered him back to bed, trying to avoid the Easter egg trail that The E.bunny had left for the morning, when we got back there was the big and the small egg, but no medium, that explained the chocolate breath.
In the morning, there was more excitement again on the egg hunt, a yummy dippy egg breakfast in our new egg cups and then some cooking.
Teddy and I made Easter nests with the same recipe as chocolate spiders, on the back of the Changs fried noodle packet, they were delicious and a good gift (with my guava jelly I made last week) for our family dinner tonight and for all the Easter Sunday helpers here cleaning apartments.
We also made some banana leaf cones to put some eggs in for our guests, they added a nice subtropical touch to our Easter holiday makers.

We even had time to pop into the local toy shop, where it was a huge surprise to see the Easter bunny himself, and to give him a big Thank you cuddle.
Another delightful day.

P.S, because everything that comes to Norfolk is by sea or air freight, it sometimes gets a little expensive, so flat packing is the way to go, I had to laugh at the ultimate, A flat packed Easter egg, all you have to do is follow the instructions, melt it, pour it into a mould(not included) wrap it in foil and you have an Easter egg, provided, you don't eat the flat pack version first, which we promptly did! DELICIOUS.

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