Monday, 9 April 2007

Up in the CLOUDS

It was a nice surprise when my cousin Charles came to our door on Easter Sunday afternoon and asked if I wanted to go up in the ultralight plane that he co-owns, as there was not a drop of wind. YES,YES,YES.
Brandt went up in December and we somehow never got around to my turn, but now it was, but when we got to the airport, there was already someone up in it, so we met back in half an hour(the airport is 5 minutes away at the end of the street, so no problem to go back and forth)
When we met back, it was well and truly 'the golden hour' and soon to be sunset, I knew there would be some lovely photos, but harder to choose which ones to put on this page.
At the end of flying over the island, Charles flew over Fletcher Christian apartments, so I could take some photos of them before landing a minute or two later and as we touched down, Charles said,"that was too good" so he accelerated to take off again with another view of Kingston's historic buildings and Emily bay, I loved it, what a unique way to view this lovely place, and the end to another perfect day.

This photo on the left shows Mary's Devon house(large red roof)the dormer windows in the roof is the loft where we comfortably lived for 8 weeks. The smaller red roof behind is Devonside, which is Charles and Kim's house, the green roof on the right is Devon cottage where John lives and the two big sheds are John's joinery and Charles' Hardware. Then follow that road for a minute up to our place.

Here is Fletcher Christian apartments in the main street, our house is the Grey T shaped roof at the back with all the lovely trees. The large green roof near our green water tank is the RSL club and if you look very closely, you may see a well worn path between our house and it that Brandt may have made.

The close up shows the pool, 4 original units opened in 1965, behind them, the green roof of the bbq, then our house and garage, then to the right, the long building of apartments and my office.

The brown 'roundabout' garden at the entrance is our new proud work of art, and there wil be a new blog about that shortly.

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