Sunday, 8 April 2007

Easter carnival

The Easter weekend celebrations have begun! I have had 3 different Christmas's in Norfolk, but this is my first Easter, that I can remember.

The Island has been a buzz with even the service station attendants asking, are you going to the carnival?

It is amazing in such a short time, how many people you can meet in a small community and how fast you can become part of that community.

I was buying raffle tickets for the big Easter hamper, when the seller quoted my name, address and phone number to the helper writing it on the ticket, I shouldn't have been, but I still find the personal touch a surprise.

Well, the community was out in full swing, and we came to enjoy everything on offer.

What a magical evening....... it had turned a touch cool for the first time in the evening, but there were plenty of warm up activities and food on offer, like jumping castles and kettle fried fish and chips.
Teddy loved the blow up dinosaur that you crawled into his mouth, went down an internal slide, and walked through its bowels to come out of the tail, when Ted disappeared into the mouth, I asked the Dad manning the ride how much it was, he replied 50 cents, so when Teddy ran out of the tail and back into the mouth, I walked back over to the attendant and tried to give him another 50 cents, when he told me, it was 50 cents for 3 minutes! BARGAIN!

At the merry go round, run by the lions club, it was only 20 cents a go, I felt like I was in another era, those prices haven't been heard on the mainland for about 30 years, even for school fetes.

it was a wonderful night, we didn't win any raffles, but I got some great kids toys and books at the rummage sale and have lots of happy memories.

We had a good laugh when Brandt pointed out, that only on Norfolk Island would they put the dart game in front of the jumping castle, luckily no one missed...............

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