Sunday, 8 April 2007

Fish on Good Friday

We have always associated Good Friday with fish, well we did on this good Friday.
we bought a fish tank out of the local papers for sale section last week and had heard about some good catching spots around and thought we would give them a try.
So after a family picnic on the cliffs over looking Anson bay(That was the 1st photo on this blog.) We headed off to watermill valley and Kingston.
It was a bit muddy around the edges, and Ted had already got his shoes stuck in the mud, so we called in the professional, Brandt who was quickly transported back to his childhood, took the butterfly net in hand and in 3 scoops, had filled a few small buckets with almost 60 fish.
When we got them safely home and into the new tank, we were pleasantly surprised at how pretty the neon guppies are.
I suppose that if we got the same 3 scoops from back in Queensland, the majority of guppies would be cane toad tadpoles. (no frogs here or Lizards or snakes or venemous spiders either.)
Anyway, we have set up the tank with pebbles and coral and you guessed it, beach glass, even some marbles which Teddy bought at he carnival to put into the tank.
Well, we have all enjoyed our new living tv ever since, they are amazing to watch.

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