Monday, 7 May 2007

Number plate fun

Hello everyone, I had a bit of a break while Mum, Dad and nephew Nic were here, of course, now there is triple the workload to get back into.
I just wanted to show you something that Nic and I had a bit of fun with while he was here.
I love the Norfolk Island number plates, they are small and recognizable, once you meet someone, you get to know their 'number'. This is Mary's number plate, which those who write have noticed that it is also our P.O Box too.
I have my own birthday number plate, which is on a big gold 'Pine tree tours' bus, which is now, my birthday bus, with its 1809, translating to 18th of September.
I Challenged Nic, while here to find his birthday plate, being 26/11 or 11/96, we looked with camera in hand to capture it, but didn't have any luck, although we had fun searching, we really didn't know if the plates even existed.
Then on one of his last days, we found 1996 leaving the RSL carpark, while we were picking and eating cherry guavas of our hedge, we had to run over in time to snap this.
With a victory in the challenge stakes, the next challenge was laid.........
To find and photograph as many plates from 1 to 200 as possible, Nic asked me what would I do if I saw 201(which I have, many times), I guess that will be the next challenge, from 201 to 500.
If I dont get very far, at least it is fun trying.
I liked this 123, and then in the afternoon, 456. What are the chances of finding 789?
We also found Brandt's birthday plate on an orange 'sports' type car, so we are keeping our eyes open for the kids now, well, I guess Uncle Bernie has Sienna's plate 4/9, now to find Teddy's 20/6.
The most frustrating thing is when they drive past you, and you think, wow, there's the number 3, but, at least you know that they exist and will always see them again sometime, as there isnt anywhere else to drive to, everyone will turn up in town sooner or later, it just depends, if I have my camera on me(I know, it is rare not to...).
We always recognize our guests out, as their cars match their apartment numbers, no.1 is 501 and so forth until no.14 has 514, it is a very handy way to see who is home if the phone rings for them, or if you see them out, you can associate their unit and name with their car number, if all else fails, at least we have had a bit of fun amusing ourselves(or myself!)

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Mary on Norfolk Island said...

Edda asked us to get him a Norfolk SIMcard to use in his mobile phone when he comes home. The best we could do was one with the month and year of his birth....which is Feb 81. However he excitedly pointed out to us that because all Norfolk mobile numbers start with 50, we had managed to get his full birthdate....5/02/81! Or 50281!