Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Angels in the Golden hour

There is a lovely time of day here, late in the afternoon for about an hour before the sky starts to take on its sunset colours, I call it the Golden hour.
The whole atmosphere for this hour seems to glow. It is hard to describe the ethereal quality that is in the air, I have tried to capture it on film, but the best place to view this special time is at Kingston, where the salty mists rise up in the late afternoon.
As Brandt was having a surf and I was playing with the kids among the rock pools(with my camera in hand) I asked Teddy and Sienna if I could change them into their good clothes to take photos of them in the golden hour Ted agreed which amazed me, and they played beautifully, and I am really happy with the photos and have organized a few to be blown up for my walls, hope you can come and see the golden hour with us sometime.

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