Sunday, 25 March 2007

more babies!

Baby Thomas Dylan on right.

Last year was an interesting year for babies too.
In August, I was invited my my lovely friend Therese, to be another birthing partner along with my dear friend Shelley, who was one of my lovely birthing partners at Teddy's birth, but missed Sienna's as I had convinced her to go away for the weekend, as "I wasn't having this baby for ages!", the same silly thought told me to convince Brandt to go out to the pub for his last big hoorah.
Back to Therese, I couldnt stay long as Sienna was still breastfed and Brandt had an important contstruction job to do, but the hours I spent with her were amazing, a few hours after I left, cute as a button Thomas Dylan was born.
My own sister Maria fell pregnant and was due November/December with her third child, she was very very clucky after watching Sienna being born with a water birth, so I wasn't surprised, but very excited for her, except she was due right when we were moving here to Norfolk Island.
Our conversations skirted around the fact that I may not be there, it was all too familiar as Brandt and I moved to Noosa 8 weeks before her second, Paris, was born, I was her birth partner for no.1 child, Abbey, but didnt see her birth as it was an emergency caesarian. Photo on the right is my sister in law Kate, friend Sammie, Maria,Me and sister Jenni, at my farewell party. Below right is my bother Mike feeling Mia's bump, I really like this photo.
Newborn Olivia on left.

I threw her a baby shower amid the packing boxes, and saw each other as much as we could, just in case.
But, as luck would have it, Maria went into labour during my final packing day, and I got the call at the end of the day towards the end of the labour and saw my beautiful baby neice Olivia Sydnee being born, fed and weighed and got my first cuddle an hour later.
We returned late the next day after a full on day cleaning. poor Mia was convinced we wouldnt make it as we were leaving early the next morning and she was sad to not say goodbye to Teddy and Sienna, but wild horses wouldnt keep us away.
Teddy was instantly in love with baby Olivia and we had big heartfelt farewell cuddles.

Another special baby to meet was my lovely friend Steph's baby girl Honora who was born 5 days before Olivia and I got to meet and cuddle the day before leaving Queensland also.

Honora's big brother, Ellery has been Teddy's friend since birth an I couldnt wait to meet her either. Here is Steph, Teddy, Ellery, Sienna, Me and Honora.

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