Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Lots to be Thankful for at Thanksgiving.

I do have a lot to be thankful for, I am definitely a glass half full kind of girl, every cloud does have a silver lining and tomorrow is always a fresh day with no mistakes in it.

But for today, I am spending my first Thanksgiving here on Norfolk Island.

It began being celebrated here, when the American whalers brought their wives here and they brought their traditions with them, the locals here adapted them and it really suits the Norfolk community to celebrate Thanksgiving as they do rely on the land to provide fresh fruit and vegetables as they don't import any fresh ones other than potatoes and onions, plus it is a good Christian community who give to neighbours in need or to anyone if you have excess .I came home from dropping Ted to school with a beautiful pumpkin from my friend Lou's garden, (Thank you Louise, it was lovely) This is not unusual around here to see the generosity of people who live and work together on Norfolk.

But back to what I am really Thankful for, I could write on and on, because I really do see the good things that I am lucky to be part of,

But, Number One would be my family, I loved growing up in my family as the youngest of 5 children, Mum and Dad are very special and I was lucky to spend time with them both when Dad took early retirement when I was 10 years old, I love my 4 sisters and my brother and all of my in-laws and I am so lucky to be Auntie to so many nieces and nephews (even though I miss them all to pieces.)
And mostly to find such an interesting Husband in Brandt, I do get bored very easily, but life with Brandt is NEVER Dull!
And together we have 2 interesting, but beautiful and very cuddly children, even though we both said that we really didn't want children, Teddy and Sienna came along for a reason and we are very blessed that they did.

I am also very grateful that we can live here in Norfolk Island together as a family, everyday is a lucky one, with beautiful scenery, always bumping in to someone down the street that says hello and a lovely unrushed and safe feeling that often gets forgotten in Cities and large towns.

Now, let me share some of our Thanksgiving day on Norfolk.

We started the day with a special thanksgiving church service down at All Saints at Kingston, a magnificent restored Georgian building stunning on the outside and the inside, but even more special today, as it was filled with local produce brought in buy the community to display. Each pew was adorned with corn stalks(still with corn on them) which amazed Teddy and Sienna.
At the end of the service which Rev.Rod Oldfield listed the things that he was thankful for, including the whole Island being only 5 minutes from Emily bay, so no matter where you are or what time of day, you can go to one of the cleanest and most picturesque beaches for a swim,
The freshest produce was taken outside to sell and all money to be given back to the community. Only potatoes and onions are imported here, everything else is grown fresh.

despite the funny look on Sienna's face, she really enjoyed her very fresh corn on the cob.
After the service, we joined a large section of the community for thanksgiving lunch at Mary and Bernie's Devon House.
My hungry cousin Ed, starting the feast As with nearly every celebration here on Norfolk a bring a plate lunch or dinner(pot luck) is more like a gourmet feast, the locals here certainly know how to be resourceful with what is available seasonally.
It was great to have a day off to catch up with a lot of other locals also celebrating this special public holiday.
After Lunch while everyone was enjoying the amazing table full of desserts (including Teddy, who could find a spoon, but still managed to find a unique way to eat his dessert) Kim, organized some fantastic old time games like egg and spoon races and 3 legged races including the adults as well as a special treasure hunt following the clues to a booty of lollies. Sienna found one of the lolly bags without the clues and ate them while all the other kids were energetically racing around.
Teddy was boasting that he was going to win the sack race against all the other 4 year olds, despite his little legs being at a shorter disadvantage. (both Ashleigh and Ashley in pink on the right are in his class)
Ted put in a great effort for his first ever sack race, but was only succeeding in jumping up and down on the spot, Kim who foresaw the disappointment and tears that would come by being left behind, gave Ted a jump start and helping hand to finish the race.Thankyou so much Kim!

Time for a lolly scramble.

As usual at the end of a wonderful celebration day at Devon house, you can usually find Sienna completely worn out.
Thankyou again Mary and Bernie for your amazing hospitality.
Find out more about our day on Mary's blogspot

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