Wednesday, 7 November 2007

A Bazaar Halloween!

Teddy's kindergarten, Banyan park playcentre, is a community run preschool and is always looking out for new ways to fund raise. One of the Mum's on our committee, suggested a giant garage sale one Wednesday afternoon at the local hall, as the shops shut on half day Wednesday.
We all checked calendar and the only free night was the 31st of October. Another parent approached us for a name change from garage sale, as they wanted to sell new items, So the Halloween Bazaar was formed.
Each table was hired from us and you could sell whatever you wanted.
Mary and I went halves and she sold some Exquisite hand made Christmas stockings and I had made some flower hair clips and jewellery, as well as a few of the last of my paintings.

The hall had a great atmosphere and at the allotted time, hoards of people filed into the hall to grab a bargain, there was also lots of swapping, buying and bartering between stall holders which is always fun.
One of our Dad's ran the sausage sizzle outside, and at 6:30, I called all the dressed up children onto the stage for a quick fashion parade, before handing out a sweet treat to each ghost, witch and goblin.

Teddy and Sienna literally had a ball on stage, running after, well, a ball.

The big lolly raffle was drawn on local radio who had been broadcasting live throughout the Bazaar, then it was time to pack up to go trick or treating ourselves.
Raewynne invited us to her place on Rocky point road, as she dresses up her house with lots of cobwebs and screaming toys and glowing eyes, Teddy enjoyed all the surprises served to him, while Sienna clung tight to me and only enjoyed her lollies in the safety of the car.Mercedes, giving us a scare
We found a few more places with candles out the front and were met by lots of lovely people in the community who were happy to dress up to add a little bit of magic and mystery to the local kids childhood memories.
This nice green haired witch had some spells and potions and yummy popcorn dusted with icing sugar in individual paper bags for each child and she lived in purple 'dolls house' too.
Sienna really got into the swing of things after the 2nd house, and knew there were sweets to be had if she used her manners, so used her cutest voice to ask everyone if she could 'please have some yollies'.
It was a fun night, I am sure 12 months until the next one will go in the blink of an eye of Newt.
Happy Halloween!

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