Wednesday, 28 November 2007

IT TAKES TWO part two

Well, it was semi final time and we knew that 4 of the 8 couples would be eliminated tonight, even though voting was closed, it may be the last chance to perform in this competition so we all had to do something pretty special.
Jimbo got his Mum to express post an Elvis costume over here for him to wear, he had to have the pants let out and was the only wardrobe malfunction of the night as his pants stretched to the max during his showy dance moves, and they split!
More props were brought out to use by the performers, I got do dress up a bit more 'girly' than last time and I made some gold cardboard saxaphones to fill up the 30 second sax solo(though I cant find a photo of our performance, I guess that happens when you are normally the one taking the photos)
Ruebz and I sang 'I've had the time of my life' from dirty dancing the movie.
Brandt and Leanne sang 'summer nights' from Grease the movie, with a twist...............
Leanne sang the Danny role and Brandt played and sang as Sandy(perfectly!)

I think that everyone was waiting for his voice to crack on the high notes, but not our Brandt, his falsetto was fantastic and soooo funny!
The green room where we watched everyone elses performances and was interviewed by Nikki after our own.
The whole night was a hoot, and then we all had to get back up stage at the very end to find out who stays and who goes.
Brandt and I both happily got eliminated, now we could just enjoy the final show without worrying about babysitters and rehearsing all week, but then they announced that there would be a wild card entry into next weeks show, again bound by how much money was raised(oh No).
We had a wild card entry sticker put on our money tins and put back at the supermarket, they are announcing the wild card entry next Friday.
Watch this space or TVNI on Monday nights(Norfolk Island only sorry), as they are replaying all of our performances.

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