Wednesday, 28 November 2007

My Stamps are Launched!

I have a list of things to do while on Norfolk list that I wrote over 2 years ago when we wanted to move over here, On the list I wanted to design a Norfolk Island stamp, write children's books and make beach glass mosaics(among other achievable items on the list). So far I can tick off 2 things,Stamps and mosaic but not the children's books yet..........

Well, the stamp launch day has arrived and I love them, they look so bright and colourful!

So how did I get to design the Norfolk Island stamp? Well............

Banyan park playcentre is Teddy's kindergarten and the only kindergarten on the island, It started out as the young wives and mothers club by some enterprising young mums on the island 40 years ago, but 30 years ago they fundraised to build a permanent building for themselves next to the Banyan tree and opposite the school in Middlegate.

So, Norfolk philatelic gave them an issue for their 30th anniversary and the money that would normally go to the artist would go to Banyan park. Now to find the artist and the design.

The offer was open to all families who use Banyan park and the community to design stamps or Christmas cards using images that were inspired by "Norfolk, children and a Banyan tree'.

It was about time I got my paints out after being on the Island for 6 months, so I felt some inspiration and the spirit of competition kick in(even though I am not hugely competitive in life.)

I love COLOUR!the brighter the better, So I went for the children in Norfolk theme and painted a series of about 8 different scenes depicting what I felt was relevant about the children in the community. There were some other really good entries too, some done by photographing the children and adding little phrases.

The final decision rested on another Mum,Alice from Banyan park who has Graphic design experience and she chose my 4 designs plus an extra banyan tree to be part of the first day cover. I was thrilled and felt so honoured to be able to support Banyan park and at the same time, have something that I designed posted around the world.

I painted all of these back in June(see blog a creative week) and have taken some photos along the way, to show you the journey of the stamp.

I painted these on heavy cardboard and then Alice Rogers, who chose the designs, scanned and played with the set up of the words and amounts and lastly, Rob from Photopress changed the design again slightly, cleverly adding the rainbow to each stamp and adding some extra colour and pizazz, before sending them to be printed in N.Z.

Finally, they could be launched today, we celebrated with a little party at banyan park with lots of Original young wives and mothers, who are now playing another important role with the island children as they mostly all have grandchildren.

Next, we got our Christmas cards printed as well and were overwhelmed with the amount of orders for cards that we received, my Christmas card designs with my stamp on them have been whizzing all around Australia, New Zealand and the world, Amazing.

I have loved every minute of the process,
And now my head is starting to fill up with designs for next year..........................

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