Wednesday, 7 November 2007

more holiday fun and photos

I want to share some special memories with you all of the wonderful things to do here on Norfolk and beautiful sights to see as well as the fun we had experiencing them with family.
Us on John Christian's glass bottom boat, floating out in Emily bay looking at the amazing corals and tropical fishies.
A Magic day at the bay
Then collecting many pieces of beach glass and mini shells at the beach in front of the convict ruins at Kingston, mostly in the afternoons during the golden hour, when we would eventually run out of daylight.
Posing for photos
Finding treasures among the gritty sand that sticks to everything,
including faces and fingers, which is a big tough on a little girl who tried to lie down on the beach for a rest and put her thumb in her mouth............ poor Sienna. Blah!
Cooling in our pool
Mini Golf and the Ice cream that follows
And the funniest family photos

Even Brandt wanted an underwater photo with out getting too wet.........
Teddy had other Ideas........ SPLASH!
We know that you had a wonderful relaxing holiday Mandy, Dave and Bronte and hope that you come back again very soon.

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