Monday, 3 December 2007

Its beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS......

Mary's angel on top of the Christmas tree she made for us.

I Love, really really LOVE this time of year!

the 1st of December is the beginning of a whirlwind month that you can cram as many parties and get togethers and catch ups in, as well of thinking about friends and family who you don't see, especially when Christmas cards arrive from people you have known and loved over the years, you may not see each other due to distance or other circumstances, but a Christmas card is a little glow that says I still think of you fondly.

This year is the first time we have stayed put for Christmas since Teddy who is now four and a half was 6 months old, since then we have spent Christmas in Norfolk, then Sydney and then last year in Norfolk again, but this year we can start our own traditions, Teddy and Sienna can wake up in their own beds on Christmas morning and look under the tree..................................
Teddy's face watching when our lights came on for the first time.
BUT, first we need that tree. That is why the 1st of December is also a special day as it is the first day that we start to decorate and sing Christmas carols and start the countdown on the advent calendar(only 24 more sleeps to go!)

The Norfolk pine is such a perfect Christmas tree shape, it even has its own stars on top.
This fine specimen is on the grounds of Government house, over looking Kingston.
We were lucky to be offered a live pine sapling from my friend Eve who had a few growing up in the wrong places in her garden and was happy to donate one to us, we ceremoniously arrived to cut it down and had a good giggle at Eve's husband Doug surrounded by miles of fairy lights trying to untangle & replace bulbs(another Dec.1st tradition).
This is Teddy's friend Mirabelle who found the tree for us in her garden, she looked just like a fairy on top of the Christmas tree.
Our tree was chosen, cut and taken home for decorating.
As we packed up our house last year, our decorations got packed up too(and I didn't have a collection of preschool ones...yet), so it was time to start anew.

It seemed that this year was going to be Red, Green and Gold, when we wrapped the tree in red foil and found some little green Teddy ornaments.
But the best part of December 1st this year, was after we had decorated, Granny (my mum) and my niece Alyssa were arriving on the night flight from Sydney. Yahooooo.
She brought with her the most adorable elf costumes, which both kids loved and looked so cute in.
Let the Christmas season begin!

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