Wednesday, 7 November 2007

our baby chooks

We had a big, empty chook pen here at Fletcher Christian apartments ready for some chickens and two 'lettle sullen'(little people) wanting some pets to love.
So, how do we get some chickens here? Well, there are lots of 'feral' chooks on the island wandering around that you can capture. A friend of Aunty Mary's gave me two half ferals, one red(Shirley) and one black one, which Teddy named Granny, for the chook pen with the instructions to clip their wings, which I did beautifully and evenly on both wings, and they promptly flew out of the chook pen on release(no one told me that you only trim ONE wing).

So still no chooks, Then Lynlee who works with us told us that they had flown 2 day old baby chickens over on the plane, so we went to meet them. Unfortunately, the babies got a virus on the way over and most of this batch died.

Then the new ones arrived, and we had to wait and wait until they were big enough to not need the warming light anymore, so we could pick them up and bring them 'home' to their chook pen.

Sienna wasn't sure of them now that they were bigger, but would follow us happily into the chook pen and would watch as Teddy mastered the art of picking up a chook.
We knew it wouldn't be long before she copied her big brother.

Now we have 2 happy little vegemites who will feed the chooks each day and ask to stay in the pen with the chooks.
What happened to Shirley and Granny?
Shirley the red hen has decided that life(and the food) looks pretty good on the inside and has been flying back into the pen for short periods of time, only escaping when us humans arrive, and Granny the black chook, happily wanders around the gardens scratching at the mulch, she has even left us a couple of eggs in a garden bed.

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