Friday, 15 July 2016

'MNO' Norfolk Island Photo a day


M is for Mandarins.
at this time of year, there are soooo many. Citrus rocks!.

M is also for MINISCHOOL. My beloved preschool that I live and breathe 24/7 (the venue, the children, the fun).



O is for OCEAN

Norfolk Island is surrounded by the South Pacific. It has brought the original occupant via boat, the Polynesians, the first and second convict settlement and the Pitcairn Islanders on the Morayshire.
Today the salty ocean air can be breathed in as a way of relaxing, it provides fish for dinner, surfing, swimming and outrigging as a recreational sport. The ocean regulates our beautiful temperatures here, brings our supplies via ship.... but the best reason of ...all is that you can stand on top of the mountain and see the sun rise and the sun set over the ocean all in one day!
ALL of these ocean photos were taken here on Norfolk Island during the past week.

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