Tuesday, 12 July 2016

'JKL' Norfolk Island Photo a day

'J' is for JUMPING off the raft!
This is a rite of passage that children aim for here on ‪#‎norfolkisland‬, to swim to and jump off the raft with friends and family.
It is mid winter here, so we are looking forward to ‪#‎summer‬ again.

Not just for the kids, there are some very silly adults too :)
Kingston is the main convict settlement area and where our best beaches are.
It is also called daun a taun (down town) by the locals.
There are so many other occupations at Kingston also. Our administration buildings are there, the cemetery, the gold course, the pier and museums. For fun there is a surfing and snorkelling reef, football/ cricket grounds, walking tracks and dog beach, all surrounded around the most beautifully restored Georgian buildings.

L is for Lemons
I know the Norfolk Island bush lemons look hooey hooey/ hui hui (ugly, dirty, rotten) but they have such amazing flavours.
Brandt and I go through tons of lemons as they are so good for you. WE would need dozens of trees to keep up with us.

This is my no fail lemon butter recipe I have been using... goes quickly in this house. Unreal in unsweetened greek or coconut yoghurt.


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