Saturday, 9 July 2016

'GHI' Norfolk Island photo a day

G is for Guava

These Cherry Guavas are called Porpay on #norfolkisland
They are very tasty!
The lighter red ones are tart and make an excellent jelly and the dark red ones are the sweetest ones to eat fresh.

Here is a recipe for guava jelly I put on my blog a few years ago 

H is for Hats, Hands and Hibiscus

Woven Norfolk Island hats above
Hands up for democracy field of supporting hands below

Many beautiful colours of hibiscus on Norfolk Island.
The first is the native White oak or Norfolk Island Hibiscus.


And just for an extra 'H', here is a handful of hi hi's.

I is for Ice cream!

Every kid (and adult) on Norfolk Island knows to go to Mini golf for a refreshing ice cream sundae treat.

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