Friday, 14 December 2012

wild weeds too

After a post on this blog many years ago (well before Jasper was even thought of) called Wild weeds about the sweet Alyssum that grows wild in the sand dunes behind Emily bay, I had wanted to revisted with the camera to add Jasper to the story.

At a recent surf school held at Emily bay, Jasper had some time to walk around the dunes with me rather than be in the water with his Dad, brother and sister.

We wandered around the Chimney hill/ Salt house end rather than where the sweet Alyssum grows thickest and were treated to a different kind of weedy surprise.

I dont know the proper name for this plant as we have always called it pussy willow since childhood but it is more like a grass than a willow tree variety.
So unless corrected, I will continue to call it Pussy willow grass.

I love tickling the childrens faces and toes with these soft balls of fluff.

Weeds or not, they are just so pretty growing on the dunes.


Norfolk Exposure Michelle said...
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Norfolk Exposure Michelle said...

Gee...look what happens when I stay up late commenting on blogs. I deleted my last comment cause I spelt your name wrong - criminal offense.
Those weed photos are beautiful!!! I need the rain to go away so I can get to Emily Bay and photograph them too - cause I'm a copy cat. NOw off to bed I go.