Saturday, 1 December 2012

Art inna wilaj

My kids setting up their display outside The Olive
I love art and I love creativity.

Art in the park on Norfolk Island is loads of fun. The community arts society of Norfolk Island organise it most years but sometime are left wanting for a new park space.

Brianna and her Butterfly
I suggested bringing it to town to my favourite group of shops called 'the village'.
It is not that the contents of the shops are my favourites but rather the atmosphere and park like grassy verges lend themselves to art.

I tried to start some markets here years ago, but couldn't so now hold the Summer markets on the verandah at SOUL gallery.

I actually wanted Soul to be in the Village next door to the most popular coffee shop called The Olive, but that wasn't meant to be either.

BUT....The Community arts society agreed with me that it WAS a great place to hold art in the park, all the shop keepers agreed also so art in the park became art in the village which in the Norfolk Island language translates to art inna wilaj.

Teddy and Sienna with their 'rumble in the jungle' garden scene with jungle animals.

Rumble in the jungle is hands on, we hope kids who visit the Olive will play with it.
This year approximately 20 entries are scattered up and down the village street.

I must admit that ours are not our most thoughtful or artistic pieces work but since I suggested it, I knew that I had better come up with 'something'.

Sienna and Teddy being Fletcher and Mauatua. Artwork by Lexi.

Ladybug parade

Pencils with a difference

Alison donated some of her handmade tiles which unfortunately got cracked. We will be lucky to take one home at the end.

The Kelly family all contributed to this lurking octopus

Here is the link to my first art in the park on Norfolk Island

and here is the link to Mary's blog post about Art in the Park 2007 and also Art in the Park 2009

Looking back to 2007 I am sad that we lost all those wire creatures as well as the foot and handprints of our 'babies' as I left for a trip to Sydney and forgot to collect them at the end. They got thrown out  :(
oh well, what can you do but create some more!

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