Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The watermelon truck

Who needs an ice cream truck with its bell signalling all the neighbourhood kids to come and spend their money on a frozen treat.

Here on this generous community of Norfolk Island we have all sorts of special treats for the kids.
One of the best examples was shown at the Boxing day surf competition at Munnas. Local identity 'Bubby' pulled his truck up nearby and assembled his handmade Norfolk Island pine cutting board by slotting it into the back of the truck. He then began to cut up freshly picked watermelon into slices.

All of our fruit is grown locally and seasonally, many haven't tasted watermelon for almost a year so this is a very special treat indeed.

Bubby tells everyone to spread the word around to all the kids to come and get some and bring back the rinds to feed his chooks.

Many happy children grab a slice or two with thanks.

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